Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 4: " I've got brand new tattoo..."

So, obviously I didn't post yesterday.  Yeah, I was doing things and stuff and whatnot.  AKA... went to dinner with friends, met with husband and his friends at a bar... oh yeah, got a tattoo!  Woot Woot... Ok, kids, it was 6 years between the last tattoo and this one.  I forgot that tattoos friggin hurt!  Went to the tattoo place and was like the first person there which was awesome because from start to finish - from talking to the guy about the tattoo I want to walking out with new ink - it took an hour.  AWESOME!  While I was waiting for tattoo man to draw up my picture, a couple girls walked in, both 18 yrs old. Great. The large, tattooed man behind the counter (who had tattoos on his face and eyelids) greeted them and said,

"Hey. How can I help you?" 
Girl 1: "I want a hello kitty tattoo on my hip." 
Tattoo Man: "Uhh... I'm gonna have to google that..."
Girl 2: "I want the word 'Love' on my hand in cursive." 

At this point I wandered away to keep from laughing at them. I am apparently getting old because when girl 2 said that she wanted a tattoo on her hand, I immediately thought "Ok, you obviously never plan on having a professional job." I realize this is hypocritical since I was there to get a tattoo as well, however, mine is on my back and can be covered easily.  Whatever.  So, without any further ado, the new tattoo:

Cute huh?  It hurt like a bitch, but I didn't cry or scream, so that's good on my part I guess. This is number one in a two part series.  The next will be blue and purple. Super excited... however,  now that I remember how damn painful it is to get a tattoo, it may be another 6 years before it happens.  I'll keep you posted.

PS: I know that I failed with my goal of posting everyday for 30 days, whatever. It may just end up that I am unable to post on Saturdays. So, I will pick up from here as day 4 and move forward.  :) 

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