Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2: Winter weather advisory

Husband and I live in the south.  In case you have been living under a rock lately, the entire friggin country has had problems with snow and ice.  Now... people who live up north are used to dealing with this ridiculous weather.  We southerners have a more than a small problem with it.  It is true that schools let out and we completely freak out when half an inch of snow/ice/sleet/freezing rain/whatever falls.  It is also true that even the threat of winter weather causes EVERYONE to go to the grocery store and buy all the milk, bread, and eggs and shit kinda goes bananas.  Last week, we had more terrible weather (read, two inches of snow that fell for 4 hours) so yours truly had to go to the grocery store because husband and I will completely let ourselves run out of groceries before we go back to the grocery store, because it is hell and people there are ruthless. Anyway, I showed up at the gro sto and found a parking spot (no small feat people) and I went inside.  Walked around the store and picked out things that I thought we may need (*read* Ice Cream and cheese dip) and made my way to the check out.  I aged 40 years standing in line and finally made it out to my car... in the snow.  Ok, loaded the car while some guy in a prius stared at me and motioned for me to move my slow ass because he wanted my parking spot, because God forbid he park in the open spot two slots down. Awesome.  Got all my groceries packed in the car. Left the hell store. On the way home, I was in a 45 mph zone on a 4 lane road and the freaking out yuppie soccer mom in front of me in the giant SUV was taking her half out of the middle. Lady was driving down the middle of both lanes going 20 mph.  There were a lot of dirty words and unladylike hand gesutres going toward the "wonderful" driver in front of me. Finally turned on my road and was able to get home. Parked. Grabbed the first 3 bags of groceries and shlepped all that crap inside.  After making 3 trips, I was able to stay in out of the cold and started putting all the groceries away, but somewhere between the grocery store and my apartment, I lost an entire container of Ben & Jerry's ice cream... not a happy time. Moral of this story, I hate snow. It's cold. It's wet. It makes me grouchy because I get stuck at home and cannot get out of the bowl where my apartment complex is located. SUCKS!  Now, I know that people in the great frozen tundra laugh at us for freaking out about the minimal amount of snow we have to deal with one month out of the year... but I'll wager this... I'll bet that those people also would spontaneously combust if they had to deal with summer down here... 115 degrees with 98% humidity. End of rant for today.

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