Monday, January 3, 2011

2011... I'm putting you on notice.

Dear 2011,

So far, you suck.  I trust that today is not an actual representation of how this year is going to progress.... SO HELP ME!!!  (shakes fist at nothing in particular)

First, I turned off my alarm this morning and overslept.  Ran through the shower and then after getting out and getting dressed, I realized I left my makeup in husband's car yesterday, which was with husband at work... an hour away from home. Then husband got sent home from work because he is sick.  Feel bad for husband, but he has meds so it is ok.  Worked an hour past when I was supposed to get off, then had to run errands. Didn't get home until 7:30 and didn't have dinner finished until 8:30.  *SIGH* Thank goodness that today is over.

Now that the bitch session is over... I'm back bloggysphere!  Be excited!! My resolution this year is to post more often.  I would like to say Happy Birthday to Stepdad, good luck/congratulations to my friend Mal who will be expanding her family at some point this week, and YAY for Charity for getting engaged, looking forward to her wedding weekend!  After my posting vacation, (AKA, I was a slacker and had a severe case of writer's block until now) I have a lot of things to discuss, but not right now because I'm tired and I want to sleep.  Goodnight everyone.

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