Sunday, October 3, 2010


Husband and I sleep with the bedroom window open when it gets cooler. We had the window open last night... The stupid kids from next door have been outside screaming in front of my window since 8:30. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person and I hate being woken up by anything other than just waking up on my own. I want to scream right now. Better post later today.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week in review... Sort of...

Alright, I would like to preface this by saying its been a while since I posted... sorry about that.  I have been distracted by , it has become a regular site for me and I have already started buying stuff!  Online shopping is great because the world is now my store… however, I have an uncontrollable id and I want my stuff NOW! I have refrained from online shopping so far because of this dilemma, however, I could not help myself when I found steampunk jewelry online and could not find it here in AR. L how cute is this ring??  and these earrings??

SALE - Steampunk Oak Leaf Ring Watch Movement Industrial Ring with Swarovski Crystal - Free Gift Bag
Alice in Wonderland - Red Quartz Earrings

This past week, I was sitting at work, actually working, and I got an email from someone I did not know. Apparently, there was an email sent out from a test group in East Crap, Anywhere USA that said "Test. Please disregard this email. Thank you." One smart ass replied "ok" and it was on… Every SSA employee in the nation received all of the crazy emails, by the end of an hour, there were 91 emails received d/t this response. There were multiple emails sent/received that said "Please take me off of this email list." and "Stop hitting reply all." However, there were also a bunch of emails that were giving "shoutouts" to various states and people. It was an awesome way to spend an hour at work! 

I guess that's about it for now. Later this week, I'll post about the rooster at the gas station, my first real experience with eating sushi (not my fav), and the times I ripped my pants while I was out with friends, first with Gina, then with Tony and David.  Yes, to answer your question, I have ripped two pairs of pants on two separate occasions because I'm just that cool. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Joy Motel... AKA... The weekend I stayed in the Bates Motel...

I would like to apologize in advance about the alignment of this post, I am still new to blogger and I am trying to figure out how to post pictures and have the font in the same places... It's a work in progress... Enjoy!

The Joy Motel

Husband and I went to Eureka Springs this summer for the VW weekend thing...  This was our second year to go to this event. Last year we stayed at the Best Western and we were away from all the VW people that Husband knows. We found out what weekend it was around March and booked our hotel room at the same hotel as everyone else... ok.   Good in theory. I trusted his thought process and I trusted that he wouldn't book us a room where we would need tetanus shots afterward.  He booked the room and I kinda forgot about it until about 2 weeks before the VW weekend.

Ok... fast forward... to the weekend.  We pulled up and this was the first thing we saw...

Husband went and checked us into the motel.  I walked dog as I was waiting, was wandering around the parking lot looking at the firepit (yes, you read that correctly) and the creepy old house that is there with the motel, it was strange because it reminded me of something you would see in a horror flick. Finally, husband came out with our room key and said that we were in room 41 and the manager said it was "on the side with the woods and the deer" and that is all he would say... FYI, there are friggin trees all around the motel and there is NOTHING that would qualify as "woods" around the motel.  In hindsight, it would have been much easier for the manager to say "It's on the side with the pool."  Whatever. 

Ok... so we walked around to the back side of the motel and got to our room. The manager was super excited when we checked in because he said we had the ONLY room in the entire motel that had a king size bed and we were going to stay in the newly refurbished "Blue Sky" room.  At this point in the story I think it should be noted that most of the rooms were decorated with items/decor from the 1970's, including a room that was painted as a memorial/mural/shrine to The Doors. According to the website, there will be rooms with blacklight, peace signs, and incense just in time for next year.  The website also boasts a morning breakfast of pancakes and TANG (again... not kidding...)

Oookkkkaaaaaaaayyy... We got there and this is what we saw:

View from the door:

View from the back corner of the room:

The "Closet"

The entertainment area:

The shower (the shower curtain is actually clear vinal with multi-colored polka dots for modesty, at least the shower was clean, although the water pressure was like standing under a watering can):

The bathroom as a whole (I really  liked the placement of the toilet paper in reference to the toilet):

The bathroom door frame:

Incidentally... the bathroom door did not close all the way, so you would have to slam it to get it to catch on the door frame and keep it from creeping open. Also, there was a random switch in the bathroom that did not work (we assumed it was for the non working bathroom vent) and the heater in the bathroom (yep...) did not work either. 

The room key:

The air conditioner:

In case there is some confusion as to why I took a picture of the air conditioning unit (that was not in the window), look carefully around the edges of the unit. You can see atmosphere and grass outside.

The curtain:

This one may be kind of hard to see, I was taking a picture of the staple that was holding the curtain together.  As you can tell from some of the pictures, the room was sort of dark so I was going to open the curtain to let some sunlight in... I moved the curtain three inches and two spiders fell out... I yelled for husband to come save me from the spiders and did not touch it again.

This would also be a good place to note that we were in the room approximately 10 minutes and husband got bit by a spider while trying to figure out the locks on the door... we figured out that the key we were given did not open the deadbolt at all, and you could only lock/unlock the door with the key when the door was closed... so that was fun.

While husband was studying the door, I got distracted by the neighboring room's curtains... this is why...

Overall, the trip was alright and we saw and heard some hilarious things... such as a guy bringing out a purple bean bag from his room to sit on while drinking beer (I am not kidding), saw a guy break off the top of a beer bottle on the curb because he couldn't find a bottle opener, interesting quote heard here was "What?!  I'm a f***ing pirate, I can drink and stab you..."  Also saw a guy jump in the pool with his brand new iPhone still in his pocket... it didn't work after that.  Some crazy (and I assume very high) hippie guy came by and just randomly started telling the entire group of us that he helped paint some of the rooms, but he was "trippin' balls" at the time. I was more distracted by the fact that he was not wearing shoes yet he was outside walking around and he had 3 dogs with him, none of them were on leashes... Maybe I focused on the wrong part of the story. However, I think the grand finale of the weekend was seeing one guy take a shot of Jager out of another guy's butt for $35 dollars.  Awesome...  I have eaten at a bar/restaurant called the Rowdy Beaver and heard more about cars then I ever thought was possible.  All in all it was a good weekend, it was hysterically funny watching the drunk people and I am sure we will go back next year. 

Monday, September 13, 2010


Alright, so this is the first blog... obviously. I haven't had a chance to make the blog look like what I want it to look like yet, give me a little bit... it will.  However, I wanted to get something written so I actually look like a legitimate blogger.  :)  Aren't you excited??

So... here I sit at 10:15 pm cooking lasagna for work tomorrow, yeah... seems strange to me too, but here I am cooking it because I have a giant mouth and when it was announced that we were having an Italian themed potluck at work my enormous trap opened and said "OH!  I'll bring lasagna!!" Now I feel like an asshole because I actually forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to cook lasagna from scratch. Oh well, it really smells good in my apartment. 

Guess that's about it for now... stay tuned for blogs about the day I saw a rooster at a gas station, the time that husband and I stayed in a motel that reminded me of the Bates Motel, the time that an incompetent repo man came and repoed my neighbor's car at midnight, and the time that I ripped my pants after falling down while dancing.   Yes, all these things have happened because my life is weird and weird shit happens to me. Occasionally I will post pictures of random experiences to prove that, no, I don't just make this shit up. Guess that's it... I mean it this time... 


I burnt the lasagna... apparently our oven has its own idea of what 350 degrees is supposed to be, it is not on the same page as every other oven in the world.  The recipe that I semi-followed (*read: I decided what I wanted to put in the lasagna based on what I remembered to buy at the grocery store after work this evening, but used the guideline for cooking temp/time from a recipe) called for 350 degrees for one hour.  Obviously oven did not agree, could be that it is acting out and just pissy because I store things in it while I am not actually cooking in it.  Awesome...  the question now is.... will I actually take the lasagna that looks like crap but probably doesn't taste too bad, or do I stop off at the grocery store in the morning and buy a frozen lasagna and attempt to cook it in the work microwave since we are not allowed access to the work oven??  Decisions, decisions....  I'm leaning toward throwing the whole damn thing away and buying something on the way to work tomorrow.  Husband looked at it and raised one eyebrow... that's never good. Maybe it will cool and look better in the morning. Probably not though.