Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 5: dog vs weather.

Seriously weather? You can't freakin decide if you want to he hot or cold, dry or rainy, sunny or cloudy. After writing that sentence it occurs to me that maybe Katy Perry actually wrote her song about the weather in my beloved state instead of her ex boyfriend. Anyway, this blog is not about Ms Perry-Brand, it's about the stoopit weather that attacked us today. Yes... Stupid does have to be spelled that way because it is just that stoopit.

Can someone please explain to me how the hell the weather dropped 20+ degrees in the span of 8 hours?? Dog so graciously woke me up this morning at 5:45 by barking at the thunder. I guess he figures it's big and loud so he needs to be big and loud in response. Anyway, I drug my ass out of bed to get dog to calm down, put him on the bed with me and finally got him to lay down and chill out a little bit. As soon as he relaxed another giant thunderclap rolled through and dog stood up and barked directly in my face, loudly. Awesome. This did set the tone for today.

Finally got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed. I did vaguely remember something from the news the night before about it being rainy so I did have the foresight to wear boots. Yay me! This was the smartest decision I made today. Go to the door to leave, open it and see the monsoon outside... Grab my rainproof coat, roll up my pants to my knees to avoid getting my pants wet and slush through the lake that has replaced my apartment building's front yard. It took me 45 effing minutes to get to work this morning. It should be noted that from my door to work should take 15 minutes with traffic and lights. I. Was. Irritable. Apparently, dear readers, people in this town have problems driving in the rain as well as snow. Great.

So, work was work. We did have an office lunch for birthdays today, that was good. Now, everyday I move my car in the afternoon so I don't have to walk to the back of a dark parking lot when I leave for the day. Today was just like any other, I went out, moved my car, and came back in to work. I had noticed that the temperature dropped significantly since lunch, but it wasn't done. I came out to leave 2 hours later and my frigtin car door had frozen shut. What. The. Hell.??! Are you friggin kidding me?

I eventually made it home and I have not left. Husband went to take he dog out this evening and he said "oh... It's snowing." I looked outside and it is starting to flurry and the wind will blow he hair off of your head. All I can say is that I hope it either dumps a foot of snow tonight or it remains clear. I am tired of snow and I'm tired if having to walk through it to get to my car to get to work. Bah humbug.

Here's hoping that I get a redo tomorrow and it gets better. As for yesterday's blog, it didn't happen because I was kind of having a crisis thinking that no one actually read this thing, but I found out today that people are actually reading... So I'm back. :) aren't you so excited?